Cal AD Sandy Barbour's complete "termination" statement (video)


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By Chris Avery, Publisher
Posted Nov 20, 2012
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Athletic Director Sandy Barbour

Cal's Athletic Director Sandy Barbour announced Tuesdaythat Cal head coach Jeff Tedford's contract had been terminated.

Published here is a complete video of the press conference, includingboth her opening statement and her responses to questions from the media.

[Editor's note: We regret the poor camera angle - and the need to move the camera twice while recording - due to front-row reporters moving in and out of the sight-line. We arrived 30 minutes before the press conference began - tofind that thevideo-cameraplatform had beencompletely occupiedbyvid-camsfrom the broadcast media.

The press conference statment by Barbour - and the following questions -was about 28 minutes long; it is presented here in two parts.

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